NewsSlide Slide, Spin, and Win Instant Win Game

Prize (300): Each day during the Sweepstakes period there will be two (2) $100 prizes, one (1) $75 prize, two (2) $50 prizes and five (5) $25 prizes for a total of $500 per day.

Daily Entry. Expires May 22, 2018. U.S. Only.
Enter To Win A $125 Amazon Gift Card

Spiritual Guru Box is giving away a $125 amazon gift card to one lucky winner.

One Time Entry. Expires May 31, 2018. U.S. Only.
Sweet Tarts Shape Your Passion Sweepstakes

Free way to enter: Print the .pdf, arrange them, and upload the image.

Grand Prize (1): A $10,000 check.
First Prize (127): A $75 gift card.

Daily Entry. Expires August 20, 2018. U.S. Only.
2018 Home Professionals Gift Card Sweepstakes

Prize (1): A $500 Home Depot Gift Card.

One Time Entry. Expires June 01, 2018. U.S. Only.
Kroger Down Goes the Donut Instant Win Game

Instant Win Prizes: Awarded as a digital coupon – in the size/portion as stated on the coupon – loaded to winners’ Shopper’s Card.

(3,050): Free Entenmann's Chocolate Chip Little Bites (5 ct)
(3,050): Free Entenmann's Rich Frosted Donuts
(3,050): Free HORMEL NATURAL CHOICE Fully Cooked Bacon
(3,050): Free Pepperidge Farm Seasonal Swirl Bread
(3.050): Free Life Cereal Cup (2.29oz) or (1) Cap'n Crunch Cup
(3,050): Free Thomas' Plain Bagel
(3,050): Free Thomas' Original English Muffin
(3,050): Free Thomas' Plain Mini Bagel

Daily Entry. Expires June 02, 2018. U.S. Only.
Swanson Spring Sweepstakes

Grand Prize (1): $2,000 American Express gift card PLUS $250 in Swanson swag and detox products.

First Prize (5): $100 in Swanson swag and detox products.

Daily Entry. Expires May 18, 2018. U.S. Only.
Terry Bicycle Giveaway

Prize (1): A Terry Bicycle valued at $750

One Time Entry. Expires May 09, 2018. U.S. Only.
Macaroni Grill Birthday Sweepstakes

Prize (1): a check for $10,000 that he/she can use to plan a dream vacation to Italy.

Daily Entry. Expires May 15, 2018. U.S. Only.
Tetley’s Royal Diamond Teacup Sweepstakes

Grand Prize (1): one teacup with a one-carat diamond mounted on the handle. ARV: $4,600

First Prize (10): one box of Tetley British Blend Tea, one box of shortbread cookies, and one teacup. ARV: $24.98

Daily Entry. Expires May 19, 2018. U.S. Only.
Scotch Brand Preference Sweepstakes

Grand Prize (1): A $250 Visa Gift Card.
First Prize (5): A $100 Visa Gift Card.

One Time Entry. Expires May 31, 2018. U.S. Only.